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The photo shows Bishop Adoniay, who was Bishop of Kigali in Rwanda, when he visited St Andrew's some years ago. 
Since that visit he has corresponded with a parishioner regularly.
The following extracts from letters indicate some of the difficulties faced by the Bishop who has spent several years living as a refugee in Kenya and only recently (1998) has been able to go home.

 Letter dated 11th February 1996

...My wife she has been in Rwanda to meet His Grace Archbishop of Canterbury, she has got many problem there.

Last year in our home we had more problem time, we heard a letter telling us our oldest son was died. After that, on the middle night we hear some people knocking on our door telling me to open door. When I open I saw policemen. They took me to station, arrested me - a week in prison without nothing long I did. After they let me to go back home... now we are very well, with more sorry, because to be refugees two years - it is very problem for nothing help - is not easy.

Letter dated 23rd August 1996
... Now time is going very quickly. We are in Kenya more than two years as refugees, with many problems because we have not any help. UNHR is not help us at all. I wish to come in England but I have not transport and I am getting to be very old. I am very weak. I am 74 years old. But it is not possible to go back home there is no peace at all !!

We are in more problem we have to pay rent for house where we live. It is one room only but we have to pay USA dollars 400 a month. We are not to be able to have all meals we decide to have lunch remember us in your wife joins with me to send our greetings to you...

From Christmas Card 1996
... We are looking forward to go back home in Rwanda 2nd week of the January 97. But there is still no peace or security. But our God is our Saviour every time. God bless you...
Update... late 1997
Bishop Adoniay and his wife, Catherine, have returned to Kigali - they are pictured staying in a guest room in Diocesan property (Sept 1997).

News via Rob Venning of CMS Mid-Africa Ministry 


"I first saw them at the special 'Galini Conference' (10-14 Sept) and then, back in Kigali, where they are at present living in the Kigali Diocesan 'Guest House' by the Cathedral. They are asking the new Govt if they can have their old house back - (one just over the road from the Cathedral / diocesan site) - which is at present being occupied by someone, illegally. For the time being they live in a front room, and I was pleased to see that they both look remarkably well considering all the uncertainty of the past years, and the loss of many friends."
Update ... from letter in February 1998
... I am very glad to mention you how God has helped us very much to go back home in our mother country. And we are very happy to get in our own house. But it was not easy to anybody to have his own house and when I got it it was empty; Because who was occupied it, when he moved in he has taken 8 doors out, and light was all things was into was be taken away. But I am sure Jesus is very richer to anybody who believe him.... My wife joins with me to send our warm greetings. May God bless you .....