St Andrew's Church 
Kettering Northamptonshire UK   

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We are developing a form of Ministry Team at St Andrew's in which the Clergy, Churchwardens, Lay Chair, Readers, Pastoral Assistants and Parish Evangelist meet regularly for fellowship, support, and to shape policy and vision in the life of the parish.

Our vision is to continue to draw out in all the gifts which God has graciously given them, to serve God and neighbour alike.

Over the years the parish has enjoyed the ministry of many gifted clergy and laity alike - from the vision of Canon Lindsay, who as Rector of Kettering established the new Church of St Andrew to serve an increasing population, to the quiet gifts of prayerful souls who have worshipped here and patiently cared for one another...

Ministers: From the first Curates in charge under Canon H Lindsay to Vicars from 1916 when the parish was separated from the ancient Kettering parish.

Curates working at St Andrew's
1870 JW Bliss
1870-72 TMN Owen
1872-75 S French
1875-77 ET St.John
1877-86 HG Whittington

Priests in Charge
1878-86 G Thurston
1886-92 AS Lindsay
1892-93 FT Gardner
1893-00 G Landon
1900-01 HF Hunt
1901-03 AI Greaves became Bishop of Grimsby
1903-06 A Lethbridge
1906-10 HS Tupholme
1910-11 O Dyson
1911-14 WD Pearson
1914-15 TWA Jones
1915-16 AP Jones

Vicars of Saint Andrew's
1916-24 FJ Burt
1924-46 FL Cattell became Canon of Peterborough Cathedral
1946-54 MJ Nott became Provost of Portsmouth Cathedral
1955-64 PM Duplock became Archdeacon of Belgium
1964-79 CH Whiteman became Canon of Peterborough Cathedral
1980-94 PA Jepps
1995-02 C Alsbury

Priest in Charge
2003- N Wills



Canon Lindsay and Rev'd Nick Wills

Warden past and present at the Millennium

Millennium Tea