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Our fundraising Race Night was very successful, this was held at Ise Lodge Community Centre. Ticket prices were kept low so that we could encourage families to join us and they did with over 100 people attending, many families enjoyed an evening out with a sausage and chip supper.

Do not forget we are continuing to collect Inkjet cartridges, (not Epson cartridges),, Mobile Phones and also laser or toner cartridges. A collection box is at the back of church each Saturday and Sunday. We hope you are able to help us to raise funds whilst helping the

On Shrove Tuesday Beavers ate pancakes which Jill and Christine had made. They welcomed a 93 year old guest who had flown Lancaster bombers in the war, Beavers were very interested in what he had to tell them, after making model plans they were awarded the Air Activities badge. They visited Sainsbury’s where a member of staff took them around the store and talked to them about different types of they then tried many types of fruit, the following week their knowledge was tested, they were then awarded the Healthy Eating badge. They held chocolate relay games and for Mothering Sunday gifts they decorated card to put of cups containing hot chocolate and marshmallows.

Cubs continue to work towards the Scientists Badge, they are still keeping their weather charts, also they are growing beans experimenting what happens when you turn the bean upside down, they learnt the constellations, they boiled salt water until the water boiled away and left salt crystals. They have completed some of the challenges from the Olympic themed “Our Sporting Adventure”. They made pancakes over candles on Shove Tuesday and made chocolate truffles and paper baskets for Mothering Sunday. Cubs read the prayers at March Church Parade.

Scouts are continuing to work towards the Artist’s badge and benefitted when Sandy Ettridge helped them do water colours. Scouts made their own pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and Matt presented his Jamboree experience when he went to Sweden to Scouts and leaders. They made truffles and boxes for Mothering Sunday gifts

Winter Camp was held at John Lowther Centre, Glendon, on a very cold weekend, reports from a couple of scouts are on the opposite page



Winter Camp reports

On the 10th of February, the scouts went to the John Lowther centre for a Winter Scout camp. The weather was very snowy and as you could imagine there was a thick layer of snow outside – some parts untouched! We had brilliant fun with what great activities we did and played. Here is a few “should I say few?!” a list of most the things we did, made and achieved: Tying different knots-first time for some! - Mini collages on canvas for our art badge - An assault course IN THE DARK!! - We achieved making a piece of playing equipment with a tree, a few planks of wood and a rope - Sledging - We actually achieved cleaning up and passing the room inspection [only just for the boys] - We played fab games. We had a great time and had great fun it was well organised!
Aimee Walsh

We don’t know if the leaders knew camp was going to be on the snowiest weekend this winter. We were warned to bring lots of layers so we could keep warm but at the last minute we were told to “bring a sledge”. We used these to take all our luggage down to John Lowther Centre, you couldn’t drive down the road it was so icy. The building was really warm inside and we were very snug playing games and eating crumpets the first night. The next day was all outside sledging and playing in the snow. Leaders are not very good at snowball fights! The afternoon was games and crafts and lots of food all inside.

We also had lots of practice of pioneering over the weekend too. We lashed together poles to make a rotating bridge and a crane and lifted barrels to test it – no one volunteered to test it themselves though. The food was brilliant and there was lots of it. Despite all the cold weather we were all so well prepared that we had a fantastic weekend. We really appreciate all the leaders do to ensure we have a good time, not just at camp but every week at meetings.
Connie and Ned Wilson